Best Fertilizers for Podocarpus

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  1. Hi Waqar,
    Thanks for your article! I have a question. I just purchased 2 podocarous maki that are 10 foot high with a group of 3 to 4 trunks. I want to trim up the branches to about 5 to 6 foot high off the ground and over the years create a canopy that is 10 to 15 feet with the tree getting no higher then 12 feet. Is this possible with a Maki? Also the tree farm delivered the wrong trees I sent a photo of a weeping podocarpus with a standard trunk. Is there a way to “fuse” the trunks of the maki to make 1 single trunk?

    1. That should be possible with Maki. I have not fused trunks before so I can’t offer good advice on that, but it sounds like its possible.

  2. Excellent review and much appreciated. I’m having an issue where my previously healthy podocarpus has wide areas on the top of the plant that has turned brown. Some leaves are half brown and half green? Can’t tell if it’s vitamin deficiency or root rot issue?

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