John Deere E130 Review

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  1. I bought a new JD E130 at a big-box store last summer and use it to cut my small, 1/4 acre lawn.

    With only 7 hours showing on the hour-meter I’ve already had to replace two hub bearing assembles for the cutting blades. The first one blew out after 3 hours use, the 2nd one after only 7. Apparently there’s very little lubricant inside the bearings. Trying to fill the bearing hubs with a grease gun (at the zerk fittings) still doesn’t get grease into the actual bearing races, as they have plastic shields covering the rolling parts.

    I had to find out the hard way that this is a known concern, adequately described in numerous youtube videos. They fail after only a few hours of use. Poor quality and design. A made-in-china P.O.S.

    Apparently these lawn tractors are so problematic that the big-box store where I bought it quit selling them.

    Unless you don’t mind having to replace the cutting deck bearings every few hours of use, I’d stay away from this cheap piece of junk.

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